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Athomic Wellness was born from a positive atomizing energy that characterizes me … from the search for constant well-being!
Athomic represents the atom and the ATP (Adenosine Tri-phosphate), this nucleotide common to all human beings. He is at the origin of the energy production .
Athomic Wellness “rages” on Geneva , CERN region and atom crack !
Athomic is At Home in its soft cocoon, far from the exterior tumult, in confidence at home, characteristic of its interior well-being.

Athomic Wellness was born from the idea of democratizing physical preparation.

Indeed, I like to point out that I have practiced competitive sports since my youngest age.

Having experienced many sports preparations, I was rocked by training. Thanks to this, I had the chance to taste different training methods.

As a result, I observed their constraints and appreciated their benefits. In short, I was used to the taste for effort and I learned to surpass myself.


Having tested different management philosophies of more or less exotic teams, it seemed almost natural for me to specialize in a physical training . The purpose of this is to prepare athletes athletically.

Thus, we proceed by increasing their physical qualities which are decisive for their activity. And finally we help them achieve their goals.



In fact, the most important thing is to offer their vision of things and share their experience , respecting each entity, each individuality!

Julien schaeffer

Athomic Wellness

Personal Trainer

With more than 10 years of experience in personal training, I love to adapt and come up with training programs that will preserve the athletes in their physical integrity and allow them to achieve their goals.

Sports Sciences

With a master’s degree in sports science, curiosity has always been at the center of my approach. Many tools have been taught to us to understand human motor skills, its capacity to adapt, to evolve, to progress and the foundations to achieve it.

Thai Yoga Massage Therapist

This secular art, based on benevolence and listening to others, has always amazed me. I decided to learn more by training myself in its ancestral techniques.

FMS certification

Functional Movement Screen is a training course delivering certification on the analysis of multiple motor patterns. In short, we manage to identify imbalances, weaknesses and other stiffnesses in order to offer an appropriate response in order to limit the limiting factors of each.

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