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Personalized sessions, carried out by a physical trainer according to your age, your level and your goals



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  How is your training going? MAKING CONTACT – First of all, a contact by phone or Skype is necessary and allows you to get to know each other.

SURVEY – Secondly, a detailed questionnaire is sent to you by email allowing you to target your goals, your sporting history, your lifestyle, the equipment you have or the pathologies from which you may possibly suffer.

DEVELOPING YOUR TRAINING PROGRAM – You will then receive your personalized training program according to your training level, your availability and your objectives within 48 hours.

WORK TOOL – Through the application Total Coaching , you will receive your program on a computer or smartphone as you go through your sessions and the feedback you will give from the session in real time.

WEEKLY MONITORING BY VIDEO-CONFERENCE – In addition to the return of each session that you will carry out very quickly via the application, we will reserve a follow-up per week via phone, Skype or Zoom in order to take stock of the week, the quality of the execution of the exercises, sessions or progress towards your goals.

QUALITY OF SERVICES – Whether it concerns the tools put in place such as evaluation questionnaires, training programs or the Total Coaching interface whose exercise database is very diverse and varied, each process is designed for offer you the best.

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Adapted and scalable programs

Find the Training Pack that’s right for you! It is possible to change the number of sessions of each pack according to your availability, your objectives and your budget.

Starter Pack

Start safely with 2 sessions per week including adapted exercises and adjusted sessions!

29.00 CHF

Slimming pack

4 sessions per week as well as nutrition advice will lead to your goals!

59.00 CHF

Performance Pack

Athletes need very regular sessions and a successful training schedule.

5 sessions per week are recommended in order to increase its physical qualities!

69.00 CHF

Genevois Pack

Do you live in the canton of Geneva and want to combine personal training at home or in a company and be able to benefit from personalized remote monitoring while traveling?

This pack including 2 face-to-face personal training and 3 sessions per week remote is made for you !

250.00 CHF

Tonus & Agility Pack

Being physically monitored will allow you to regain your tone, flexibility and agility.

3 sessions per week focused on muscle building and balance.

49.00 CHF

Post-Partum Pack

We adapt the training according to your needs and your moments of life.

Tone your deep muscles and regain tone and vitality!

Opt for 3 sessions per week .

49.00 CHF


Where you want – when you want

Athomic Wellness

Custom packs:

– Personalized and scalable sessions – Feedback after each session – Exercises illustrated with videos – Regular meeting via videoconference